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John Bartus: Music

Keys Disease-LIVE

(John Bartus)
January 22, 2005
John Bartus, Marlene Daley, Burt Marshall
A semi-true story about an attorney friend who left it all behind when he hit the Keys. From LIVE FROM THE FLORIDA KEYS CD.
Keys Disease
Words by John Bartus, Burt Marshall, & Marlene Daley
Music by John Bartus

Woke up at the crack of noon / I've got so much to do today
Head down to the tiki bar / Just to watch the tourists play
I'm living just south of reality / At mile marker 49
Some folks say that I'm wasting my life / But I say I'm doing just fine

Chorus: You see, I've got the Keys disease / In case you haven't heard
I caught it down in the Florida Keys / Where ma? is the operative word
There's no cure for the Keys disease / No mainland antidote
I'll never leave my island life / At the end of the American road

I once was a lawyer, long time ago / Before I lost my suit and tie
Traded my car for a beat-up bike / Kissed my old life goodbye
I've slept on the beach beneath the moon and stars / Slept under a bridge or two
It's not because I didn't have a place to stay / It's just 'cause I wanted to

Repeat Chorus

Bridge: Now, you may wonder why a man like me / Would leave his old life behind
No phone or beeper's gonna be my keeper / I'm living on tropical time

Sunset time in the Florida Keys / So many things to do
Hit the sunset party down at Mallory Docks / Have a rum runner or two
The pirates of today are the ones like me / Living life the way we please
I know for sure that there ain't no cure / Once you've got the Keys disease

Repeat Chorus

Copyright 1996 by John Bartus