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John Bartus: Music


(John Bartus)
May 22, 2002
John Bartus
I lived in South Carolina for 13 years -- lots of open spaces, mountains, the beach, small towns, and trains. A different take on the "old drifter" song.
Words & Music by John Bartus

A train goes by / The sound of the engine takes me back
To the day I saw you / Standing by the railroad tracks
Your long hair drifting down / Wildflowers in your hand
Something came over me / I didn't understand

Chorus: Carolina - something strange I'm feeling
Carolina - I could fall in love with you
Carolina - can you leave the road behind
And learn to settle down... in this railroad town

She found a job / Slingin' hash at Andy's Place
I'd eat there every day / Just to see her smiling face
And when she'd look at me / Our eyes would meet and time stood still
I never felt like this before / A love so strong, so real

Chorus: Carolina - do you know how I'm feeling?
Carolina - I'm falling so in love with you
Carolina - can you leave your past behind
And build a life for two...?

Bridge: I'd take her to the river / A secret cove around the bend
We'd make love so sweet and true
She said, "Boy, I'm a drifter / "and I'm not the settling kind,
"But I can't say no to you..."

Heading home / With champagne and a diamond ring
She'd left a note that said / There's still so much she hadn't seen
I raced to where it all began / But she had caught the early train
I stood alone beside the tracks / In the pouring rain

Chorus: Carolina - do you know how I'm feeling?
Carolina - I fell so hard in love with you
Carolina - as the tears come falling down
My heart was on a train - headed out of town

Copyright 1997 by John Bartus