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John Bartus: Music

You & I

(John Bartus)
May 22, 2002
John Bartus
A love song from long ago... I didn't get the girl, but I got the song!
You & I
Words & Music by John Bartus

Here we are - searching far beneath the surface for the love we've come to share
Love so rare must have a chance to grow
I don't want to live without you, I could never let you go
When I hear your heart beat in the night
I know this is so right
I need you more than words can say, forever by my side. . .

Chorus: I'm so alive when we're together
I somehow know everything will turn out right
And I never want to lose that feeling
As time goes by and by
A chance to find forever, you and I

When we walked beside the sea
Hand in hand, the moonlight dancing through the night we fell in love
I saw love reflected in your eyes
Two burning hearts, one glowing dream beneath the starry skies
Please believe that I will always care
I'll love you anywhere
To hold you tight all through the night
You know I'm always there

Repeat Chorus
Guitar Solo
Repeat Chorus

Copyright 1985 by John Bartus